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Coinbase seems to have observed the efforts of other cryptocurrency giants and firmly believes that they can do what they can't. According to people familiar with the matter, Coinbase intends to launch a cryptocurrency ETF. The rejection of multiple BFind bitcoin walletitcoin ETF applications earlier proved that this is likely to be an impossible task.

The Bitcoin ETF application proposal, which was delayed again this time, was designed last year by investment company VanEck and blockchain startup SolidX, and jointly submitted to the SEC by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CBOE). Due to the blessing of CBOE and the established investment company VanEck, the market had high hopes. However, after a long government shutdown, VanEck took the initiative to withdraw the first ETF application, and on January 30 this year, Cboe resubmitted it. This joint proposal with VanEck and SolidX was approved.

The complex and flexible expansion designed by BitcoinUnlimited for expansion has been criticized for being too complicated, and there is the possibility of hard forks and crashes. After these large-scale system failures, the confidence in the BU in the community has plummeted, and a large number of neutrals have been transferred. And support Core with rich continuous development experience. Starting from June 2017, Yuchi, Bixin, Guochi, and Fukuchi have successively issued announcements to support Segregated Witness.

About a year ago, the orphan block rate was still around 300, which is 1,000 ETH per day. By January of this year, this number has rapidly increased by 4 times, reaching 600 ETH. Until now, there are still 2,700 ETH every day, which is about 1 million per year.

This decision by the venture business sector has aroused the anger of investors and companies in the cryptocurrency field. Some experts said that if the bill is passed without supporting cryptocurrency, it will have a negative impact on South Korea’s economy because it will drive investors away from the country and prevent venture capital firms from supporting cryptocurrency transactions in South Korea. So.

Most of the currencies that use the PoW algorithm are derived from Bitcoin, which is worth noting. Suppose a PoW altcoin team deploys scripts to regularly monitor their computing power. One day they suddenly find that their computing power has increased by 10% in a short period of time, and they will receive a reminder. Regardless of whether the new Find bitcoin walletcomputing power comes from an unknown mining pool or accumulating more than 50% of the existing mining pool, they will have enough BTC to purchase a large amount of computing power to deal with the attack. This is a very risky game, and the PoW team cannot take it lightly. No one wants to be the next BitcoinGold.

The author thinks, yes, but not as crazy as Zcash. From its design point of view, Grin is an idealistic cryptocurrency experiment. Whether it is the anonymous founder or its fair distribution method, it seems to pay tribute to satoshinakamoto, and its existence is a large number of "Harry Potter" "Elements add vivid and bright colors to the Grin project. But this does not guarantee the success of the Grin project. It also faces competition from anonymous strong players such as Monero and Zcash. In addition, because the project has no financing and completely relies on the voluntary maintenance of the community, its development progress is sustainable. Sex can also become a big problem.