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Hodlonaut was Bitcoin loans instantthreatened by CSW, and other opponents of CSW have received a lawyer's letter. Twitter veteran Peter McCormack said on Twitter that he received a letter from CSW’s lawyers, and he responded to CSW’s prosecution, saying, “I have prepared 15 lawyers to represent me in court. Craig Wright is definitely not Satoshi Nakamoto. "And wrote an apology letter to CraigWright, hoping that he would admit his mistake and apologize to the Bitcoin community.

At that CoinGeek meeting, Satoshi Oban cited an example of a used car to explain his thoughts. Now when buying a used car online, the seller tells the buyer all the information about a car, and the buyer may not believe it, because the trust problem is too serious and the buyer cannot verify what the seller says. But on the chain, a used car has been repaired several times, how long it has been used, and where it has had an accident, these information will be recorded by different groups. Buyers will not have trust issues at all, because the information on the chain is cross-validated and it is difficult to falsify.

DAO needs AI to help manage rule sets and can automatically generate templated governance models. Governance is everything in the DAO. As the main direction of the open source elite's work, there is no good extensible model to support the DAO to manage a large company. The early DAO failed because of what I call the brave new world problem.

The BITBOX platform will provide users with 15 language choices, but Japanese and Thai are clearly excluded. As Japan's largest instant messaging app, LINE has 70 million active users in Japan. At the same time, this application is also very popular in other parts of Asia, such as Thailand.

Nikkei’s report shows that Karpeles today denied that he was involved in attacks and thefts against exchanges, and at the same time clarified that he did not manipulate Mt.Gox's distributed ledger, nor did he embezzle funds to pay for his own rent, furniture, and commercial acquisitions.

Skew data also shows that the total number of open positions on major contract exchanges is also continuing to rise, which has doubled from the lowest point in March. Among them, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) generated 10,792 open positions in Bitcoin futures on May 14, totBitcoin loans instantaling 53,960 BTC, which is a record high for this product.

@jack reached a weekly BTC purchase limit of $10,000. I think smart money has been invested in cheap BTC.

The daily K-line chart of BSV shows that as the trading volume continues to shrink, the BSV price fluctuation space has continued to narrow. In the case of 4 months of sideways trading, the recent short-term rebound is expected to be strong. The important thing is that, driven by the increase in BTC price and when BCH continues to pull the market, the probability of BSV price changes is higher. Mainstream currencies, BSV price changes are usually relatively large, the coming is sudden, so if a breakthrough can be formed near 200 US dollars, it may accelerate the rise.