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However, there is already more and more evidence to prove that this rise, especially the rise since June, is mainly caused by US retail investors. Fanatic buying orders have a gBread Bitcoin Walletreat impact on some low-priced stocks, such as aviation stocks and cruise stocks. And these active users are generally dominated by young Americans. On the contrary, institutions have maintained a calm and objective perspective to view this round of rise.

From the beginning of the Big Bang to the present, none of the tricks that evolution has used to find answers can surpass the human brain. The most recent extension is technology. Technology has brought about as many changes on the earth in the past 100 years as biology has brought about 1 billion years. The technological body uses its prolific power to produce millions of instruments, technologies, products and ingenious inventions, so that there are enough materials and space to continue to evolve its own evolutionary capabilities.

However, if ETH plummets in the second half of last year, the entire system may be fined more and more and fall into insolvency. If there is a problem of insolvency, the MakerDAO Foundation will set out Global Settlement to ensure that DAI holders can redeem their assets.

Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at Coinshares, agrees with this statement. Coinshares is a hot cryptocurrency investment and research company in recent times, well known because of its identity as a Bitcoin ETN provider. Bitcoin ETN, a compliant financial product that predates ETFs, has recently been opened to all USD investors through Coinshares' efforts.

According to the National Association of College & Business Office's survey of 812 college investment institutions in the United States, as of June 2016, the allocation ratios of US college investment funds in alternative investments, stocks, and cash/fixed income were 52%, 35%, and 13%, respectively. Among them, top university donor institutions (including 11 universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia) allocate up to 60% of alternative assets, which is much higher than stocks (27%) and cash/fixed income (13%). We define the definition of cryptocurrency according to the proportion of 1%, 5%, and 10% of alternative assets. We believe that university endowments will bring 31.3 billion, 17.64 billion and 34.128 billion US dollars to the crypto market.

XRP fell more than 25%Bread Bitcoin Wallet today. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Ripple and two executives, and the impact continues to ferment. Even XRP, which ranks among the top three in market value, is not immune to strong supervision and has experienced a sharp decline. In a week, it fell from 0.66 to 0.33 US dollars, and the fluctuation was very sharp.