Historical Bitcoin price data

According to the data of golden fruit, in the past hour, okex had a total of US $16.9571 million in total; firecoin global station had a total of US $28.8945 million; coin security had a total of US $93.7167 milliHistorical Bitcoin price dataon; and the BTC perpetual contract of bitmex platform had a total of US $10.1587 million.

4. The first three currencies of 24-hour capital inflow: BTC (+ 192 million US dollars), ETH (+ 47.4676 million US dollars), etc (+ 10.421 million US dollars); the first three currencies of 24-hour capital outflow: LTC (- 37.20212 million US dollars), XRP (- 24.0807 million US dollars), EOS (- 16.9748 million US dollars).

Grant Thornton, the liquidator of cryptopia, the stolen New Zealand exchange, has issued an announcement saying: in the past few days, you should have received a letter from no-reply@cryptopia.co.nz , inviting you to register at the cryptopia claims portal. This marks the start of cryptopia claims portal and the process of returning account holder's property. Please follow the instructions to register as an account holder. We ask you to confirm certain details of your cryptopia account to ensure that only verified account holders can register during the claim process. Given the number of messages sent, they will continue to be sent this week.

Gate.io Today (November 17), fil distribution has been completed according to the user's position in fil6, with a total of 13000 pieces. Users can check the details in the account statement details. At present, gate

On December 12, it was officially announced that origin protocol announced a detailed compensation plan, providing compensation equivalent to 100% of the value deposited in ousd. The amount of ousd that hackers hold before and after the invasion will be compensated. About two thirds of the affected users will be fully compensated in the form of newly minted ousd (fully supported by stable currency, audited and re launched with new security measures). The rest of the affected users (mainly the larger depositors) will receive 25% of ousd compensation, 75% of the compensation will be from origin token OGN locked for one year, and the locked part will receive 25% interest. Origin protocol plans to deploy the compensation contract in mid to late January and needs to file claims within the next 90 days. Earlier, originprotocol was hit by a flash loan attack, resulting in losses of about $7 million.

Mona ELISA, co-founder of Mellon protocol (MLN), a Historical Bitcoin price datadecentralized asset management protocol, revealed plans to upgrade the version of mellonv2 in an interview with the defender, saying that the brand will be reshaped as enzymeprotocol to reflect the idea of accelerating the asset management market and financial revolution. Mona ELISA said: the mellonv2 version is almost a new protocol. The vision is that all assets can be token and traded on distributed networks. The three core elements of this version are lower gas consumption, upgradability and wider asset range. After inquiry, Mellon's official twitter and medium have not yet released relevant information.