Bitcoin confirmation time The data shows that the online transaction volume of BTC in the past 24 hours was 1900382.66btc, up 2.04% compared with 24 hours ago, and 273543 transactions in the past 24 hours, down 9.9% compared with 24 hours ago; the number of active BTC addresses yesterday was 851751, down 16.Bitcoin confirmation time34% compared with the previous day, and 20.19% lower than the average number of active addresses in recent 7 days; the number of new BTC addresses was 430762, down 11.46% compared with the previous day %The number of new addresses per day decreased by 16.88%.

BTC surged in the early morning, breaking through 18900 usdt at one time and rising to 18945 usdt at the highest. After that, BTC fell slightly and is now around 18800 usdt. Most of the mainstream currencies follow the market, showing a trend of concussion. BTC rose 2.20% in the day to 18807.97 usdt.

Recently, new members have been added to the BtoC business enterprise alliance. The two sides have reached a consensus on jointly building a decentralized sharing platform for digital and commodity transactions and enabling the transformation of real industries. Xi'an deshiro is a resource integration and operation enterprise of household goods industry chain, which is committed to the comprehensive construction and in-depth development of household goods industry. Xi'an desperang highly recognizes the guiding mode, and both sides will work together to drive the development of real economy with digital economy. In the future, the leading bank will unite with more high-quality enterprises to create a mutually beneficial and win-win industrial ecosystem.

The digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China and UnionPay commerce Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement recently to jointly study the innovative application of online and offline payment scenarios in the pilot test of digital RMB, according to Based on the existing business scenarios of UnionPay commerce, the two sides will jointly study and expand the product functions and application scope of digital RMB and promote the construction of digital RMB ecosystem based on the characteristics of digital RMB and wallet ecosystem.

In the EOS perpetual contract account, the average long position proportion is 15.62%, and the average short position proportion is 16.68%,

As of November 30, the total scale of gray asset management has broken through 12 billion US dollars againBitcoin confirmation time, now reaching 12.2 billion US dollars. The trading price of bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) was $23.19 per share, up 23.15% from the previous day; the trading price of Ethereum Trust Fund (ethe) was $103 per share, up 21.28% from the previous day.

8. Wave field network has launched the No.44 voting request, which is intended to be fully compatible with Ethereum Istanbul update.

CCTV live broadcasting is an online video broadcasting platform jointly developed by the blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, the Research Institute of material chain core engineering technology and the central chain global, jointly developed by Chengdu online fulcrum Education Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu feiluotongda Technology Co., Ltd. Yu Jianing said that Huo coin university is an industry education institution focusing on the application of blockchain and the development of digital economy. This cooperation with the CCTV live broadcast will take advantage of the channel advantages of the platform to strengthen the transmission of blockchain knowledge and jointly build the industrial ecology of blockchain.

Protocol parameterization; 5. Emergency protocol action. The graph also announced the graphgraphs program to support online participants and communities.