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1. The total value of the global digital money market is 566.070 billion US dollars (- 2.17%), and the 24-hour trading volume is US $63735 billion (+ 9.48Bitcoin wallet private key%).

November 30, Beijing time, Jianan Technology( NASDAQ:CAN )The third quarter of 2020, which announced its results as of September 30, had total revenue of 163 million yuan for the quarter. Relying on the core technology of chip design, the company has made steady progress in bitcoin mining machine and AI business segments. Total revenue in the third quarter was 163 million yuan (US $24 million), down 8.5% from the second quarter. The total sales in the third quarter were 2.9 million thash / s, up 13.4% from the second quarter. In the third quarter, R & D expenditure was 32.2 million yuan, up 23.2% from the second quarter. The gross loss in the third quarter was 17 million yuan, and the gross profit in the second quarter of 2020 was 43.3 million yuan. Total operating expenses in the third quarter decreased by 4.4% year on year. In addition, the share price of Jianan technology has risen about four times in the past two months, from less than $2 to the highest of $7.26. Api3 (api3) trading will be launched at 14:00 on December 4, 2020. Please note that the project has just been released recently and the circulation is insufficient. With the increase of circulation, there may be greater pressure on the market price. Please be sure to participate under the condition of fully understanding the risk and being able to bear the risk. The platform strongly prompts the risk, but it is unable to undertake the liability of guarantee and compensation for the investment behavior.

BTC broke through 19700usdt for a short time at about 8:00 today, peaked at 19750usdt, then fell back slightly, continued to narrow range consolidation around 19600usdt. Just now BTC fell slightly again, and now it falls to around 19400 usdt. Most of the mainstream currencies rose in the morning and then fell back. In the morning, most of them showed a trend of narrow range consolidation. BTC in okex now reported 19430.90 usdt, up 0.63% within the day. The activity of usdt real offer competition of perpetual contract has been successfully completed. During the activity, the trading profit exceeds 100 usdt and the lottery qualification of 1000gt Koi man award will be automatically obtained. The top three users in a single day can enjoy double lucky draw qualification. At present, the daily Competition Award and 1000gt Koi people special award have been issued. Users can access account management - my funds - Bill details for inquiry.

Hong Kong CEO global station( CEOBI.CO )From 00:00, Nov. 9 to 24:00, Nov. 15, 6041.964 ceotokens were destroyed, with an average transaction price of 1.42qc. At present, 331937.8379 ceotokens have been destroyed, andBitcoin wallet private key 10658062.1621 ceotokens are actually in circulation.