Where can I spend Bitcoin

In the case of poor BTC growth, and BTC closely linWhere can I spend Bitcoinked eth short-term retreat. At the same time, BCH completes the short-term adjustment after the hard bifurcation, the mainstream currency market short-term relative differentiation, can continue to focus on strong varieties.

Bitfinex has just announced that its lending service bitfinexborrow has added XRP, LTC, EOS and dot as collateral.

Just now, bchnode officially released bchn financial report. As of December 5, 2020, bchn held 2177.84148852bch, according to the report. This shows that bchn's available funds have increased by about 67.9bch since its previous report in October and that it is in a good financial position. Since the start of the project, 370.61975809bch has been spent so far. meanwhile:

BTC contract is now quoted at US $19533.36, a discount of US $31.24 compared with the spot price, up or down 6.15% in 24 hours. The trading volume was 111.2636 million, and the turnover was 4290.6107 million US dollars. The current total position was 1.7564 million hands, which was - 135900 hands compared with the previous trading day.

according to Gate.io Global trading data, as of 11:40 on December 03, BTC spot price was 19118.27 US dollars. Last night, it fluctuated upward, but the range of increase was limited, and the market bullish sentiment eased. From the 1 hour line to see the chart, the market slightly callback in the morning, K line running to boll belt between the middle and lower track, support gradually strengthened, short-term or again ushered in a small rebound. At the same time, MACD index runs close to the zero axis, and the overall viscosity is slightly sticky. KDJ index appears dead fork, D value is above 50, and J value drops below 40. If short-term decline occurs again, we can consider making more opportunities. But overall, the market activity is not high, the market volatility is small, the possibility of breakthrough in the general direction is not high, and the intraday market may continue to run in a narrow range. On the other hand, the fundamental news,

Wave network Boboo.com The market showed that eth fell rapidly, falling below 580 usdt for a short time, and the lowest value fell to 577.89 usdt, and then recovered Where can I spend Bitcoinslightly. It is now reported at 580.47usdt, down 5.48% in 24 hours.

On the evening of November 23, by Gate.io The live interview program "Wine Bureau currency" invited iris, Chief Strategic Officer of etc Asia Pacific community, to share the latest development. Iris and Ruchu Gate.io The partner jiuer conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions around wutc, a reformer rooted in the spirit of Ethereum. Iris said that in recent years, etc can be described as a frequent action. On October 10, etc successfully implemented the security solution mess against 51% attacks; etc community is about to implement the upgrade proposal of etcip1099, which will reduce the current etc DAG size to less than 3G. After the implementation of the proposal, the service life of etc for 4G video card mining etc will be extended by at least 3 years. At the same time, she said, etc-eth cross chain asset wut will be ushered in on November 24 C's online conference, looking forward to your attention.

During the conference, the launch conference of Youkey digital management platform will also be officially held. Youkey is committed to building a new generation of public chain of multi scene industrial application ecology. At the meeting,