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Quantstamp, a blockchain security company, recently reviewed the updates to several compound smart contracts proposed by gauntlet, including the update of compound governance capabilities. The security agreement includes but is not limited to audit: a new grant mechanism; a new mechanism that allows compound to pay directly to the protocol contributor; and the change of comptroller contract. As a result of the audit, compound changes the order in which multiple methods are called so that Comptroller.setCompSpeedInternal How to assign comp rewards to users will be updated correctly. Compound also modified the Comptroller_ Grantcomp function to prevent governance proposals from being passed without sufficient funding. AllBitcoin wallet query problems found have been solved.

Shortly after bitcoin reached an all-time high of nearly $20000, the company ruled out bitcoin as an investment asset. However, after the outbreak of the new crown, changes in policy environment, debt levels and investors' diversified choices mean that asset management companies have to admit that bitcoin does play a role in asset allocation.

At about 21:46 on December 4, Solana, a public chain project, was interrupted due to an unknown vulnerability.

Wave network It is the first community-based exchange in the world. It gives back 100% net income of RMB handling fee and 15 million bobts owned by Bo net to the community, so as to realize co construction, CO governance, win-win and sharing with community users. Wave network integrates the trading depth of each major platform, and the matching performance of single currency pair reaches 3 million transactions / second, which surpasses the trading depth of mainstream exchanges. Spot trading network global high-quality crypto assets, including mainstream currency, popular defi, Boca ecology, etc., to help high-quality projects at home and abroad to land around the world. Contract products include usdt perpetual contract, currency based perpetual contract, simulation contract, etc. professional KOL and analysts provide close investment advisory services. The winner of the winter competition of usdt in perpetual contract on November 16 has been announced. The highest single day contract user yield is 247.13%, and the maximum profit is 12408.42482usdt. During the event, the transaction profit exceeds 100usdt, and the 1000gt Koi man prize lottery qualification will be automatically obtained. The top three users in a single day will enjoy double lucky draw qualification, and they will have the opportunity to win the prize.

As BTC prices rose to $19400, bitcoin's seBitcoin wallet queryarch volume hit an annual high, but still far from its December 2017 peak, according to Google trend data.