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Gate.io The 60th issue of inj project (inj) voting activity ended with 1357 participants and 41244357 votes cast. The number of votes is more than 10 million, meeting the requirements of currency. According to the rules, Gate.io We have air dropped 2720inj token Award for users, and will open inj / usdt transaction on November 25 (today) at 12:00, and tRansom email bitcoinhen open cash withdrawal service.

In the first three hours, the capital inflow of xlc (+ US $2.448 million) and the outflow of funds in the first three hours (+ US $2.448 million) in the first three hours (+ US $2.448 million) in the first three hours, and the outflow of funds in the first three hours was US $342.47 million.

According to cryptonewsflash, cryptocurrency analyst credible crypto has released a new XRP price analysis report on YouTube. Based on Eliot's wave theory, he predicted that XRP would continue to rise. After the regional consolidation of $0.24, XRP showed strong upward action energy. In the first wave, XRP prices rose to $0.33, and then integrated in the region of $0.21. Then the third wave began. Analysts said: I mentioned that the minimum target for the third wave will be around $0.63.

BTC is a perfect collateral, but for the above reasons, the market value of Ethereum may be larger in 10 years. At the beginning of his tweet, he said that if bitcoin were the original digital collateral, the global government bond market would be $123 trillion, which could be quite an amazing opportunity for bitcoin. He added that money and collateral are just the foundation, everything is built on the top. The value store is the collateral, and the trust layer and value exchange are greater, which is Ethereum.

On December 4, wing credit Devi lending product inclusivepool, the first cross chain defi platform integrating credit elements based on ontology, was launched on the test network. It is expected that the main network will be officially launched next week. Wing's loan, loan and insurance mechanisms will be continued, and loan pool, loan in pool and insurance pool will be set up. Previously, the wingdao community agreed to launch the inclusivepool in its 13th vote. The product is built based on ontology technology, and introduces ontology user self-management scoring system oscore. Users will experience insufficient mortgage, so as to realize the credit loan with nine loans and ten loans.

Simplex, a cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has launched simplexbanking to promote the purchase and sale of digital assets, according to cryptopotato. After running on cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and outlets, simplRansom email bitcoinexbanking will enable simplex to provide users with local and global legal payment methods. Simplexbanking will rely on KYC strategy to ensure a fast and efficient checkout process.