Difference between Bitcoin wallet and vault

The 9.88 mph aavev2 pool,Difference between Bitcoin wallet and vault initially including Dai and usdc pools, is scheduled to be released on December 11.

Analysts said that as of 10:30 on November 20, according to okex trading big data, the long short position ratio of BTC contract was 0.88, and the number of short sellers in the market increased slightly; the quarterly contract base was around $200, the capital rate of perpetual contract was positive, and the total position of delivery and perpetual contract was still above $1.1 billion, with strong multi military strength; in terms of BTC delivery and perpetual contract elite positions, short accounts were carried out There are still differences between the long and short sides of elite accounts and pay attention to the changes of large positions. From the perspective of option contract data, the call / put active call ratio is 0.98, and the active call put volume tends to be balanced.

Circle launched a major platform upgrade to bring the stable dollar into the mainstream. The core of the circle platform upgrade is the digital currency local treasury account infrastructure (digital dollar account), which enables all enterprises to store value locally in digital currency while maintaining compatibility with traditional electronic currency and payment network.

Ethereum's official blog said it would gradually close Ethereum studio in the next few weeks. Developers should use this time to download all saved projects. Remix is recommended if you are looking for other web environments for solid development. Officials say they are reassessing the role of studio and will disable this version of studio while determining how best to serve new Ethereum developers.

Cryptocurrency analyst Willy woo tweeted that bitcoin is the product of the redefinition of global currency in the Internet age. Most of them are in pursuit of practicality. Global funding is about $90 trillion (last year's data). The biggest companies (Practical) have less than $1 trillion in capital, and they are swimming in the ocean of money (bitcoin).

Recently, Liu Shanshan, editor in chief of Shenzhen chain finance and economics, visited the online salon jointly held by Hufu exchange and Shenzhen chain finance and economics. Can eth2.0 lead to a new wave of public chain? Share this theme. Liu Shanshan said that this year's defi is very hot. Although there are other projects on the public chain, the main battlefield is still in Ethereum. Due to the problems at the bottom of Ethereum, we can see that compared with cefi, there are still Difference between Bitcoin wallet and vaultmany problems with difi, including efficiency, ease of use, etc. Ethereum 2.0 can provide a better foundation for defi. In addition,

Data network Boboo.vip According to big trading data, as of 9:00 on November 20, BTC's perpetual contract offer was US $17794.5, US $16.19 higher than the spot price (US $17778.31). The contract price remained in a premium state, down from yesterday's premium (US $19.71); the long short position ratio was 2.79,