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In June 2012, the official statement of the American Butterfly Laboratory aroused heated discussions in the community. The agency first announced that it was manufacturing ASIC mining machines and promised to launch related products in SeptBovada's Bitcoin walletember of the same year. One month after this incident, Roasted Cat registered the account firecat on the Bitcointalk forum and also posted that he was developing an ASIC mining machine; however, because he did not have enough funds, he hoped to raise manufacturing funds through 1PO.

Tezos also has a share of 81% of the total available supply through ProofofStake, although their bet yield is slightly lower than 4% per year. However, only focusing on the staking investment return rate without considering the future annual inflation rate is only considered half.

In December 2020, the digital currency field once again frequently appeared on the front page of mainstream media, and as in the 14 and 17 bull markets, more well-known companies with "famous reputations" were added. Among them are listed technology companies that are optimistic about the long-term and join their asset allocation, and there are also a considerable number of short- and medium-term participants. Although the profits of participating institutions are not simply buying Bitcoin and waiting for the price to rise, from a long-term perspective, these participants have Conducive to this emerging ecology to become more vibrant.

Bakkt's launch time has been delayed repeatedly. J. Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), talked about the reasons for the blockage of the Bakkt proposal in an interview. He said that one of the challenges facing institutions is to evaluate how futures exchanges store cryptocurrencies.

Daniel: This is particularly normal. The reason for saying this is that the underlying BTC lending protocols currently supported are not optimized for BTC, resulting in the current low efficiency of BTCDeFi. The underlying lending protocol is the foundation of an asset system financially. At the same time, there is no effective hedging mechanism for cross-chain costs, so part of the BTC is stuck in Ethereum. In the future, part of the BTC will stay on Ethereum steadily, and the other part will enter and exit quickly to meet liquidity requirements. This is the normal state.

BTC maintains a strong short-term operatingBovada's Bitcoin wallet state, but the cumulative increase has lagging behind. After more mainstream coins kept pace with the rebound of BTC, LTC, BCH, etc. rose strongly and recovered more losses. In the near term, BTC has more high-level chips, and the main short-term pull ability is slightly insufficient. Pay attention to the expectation of price fluctuations.

When the ICO round came, the project parties began to raise funds on major ICO crowdfunding platforms, and the fundraising was usually completed within a dozen days. Super fundraising was not rare. In the early stage of the 94 ICO ban, the ICO financing frenzy reached its peak, and many ICO projects went straight away. , Some people even broke the news that the ICO platform rented out the market on its own. These news were not just a breeze. I also personally experienced that during the VeChain ICO, either the ICO platform’s recharge was not confirmed for a long time, or it was participating in crowdfunding. Less than. During that time, many projects have been shortened from the completion of ICO to listing on the exchange to one week, and once they land on the exchange, the double increase is at least a minimum. There is no reason not to make ICO platforms jealous because of the huge valuation difference between the primary and secondary markets. This scenario is the same as that of A-shares. It artificially lowers the issuance price-earnings ratio, and immediately goes public with several daily limits, which has become a stable profit business. The ICO at this moment has become a game like playing new stocks. For investors, this is simply a golden age, and it may not be possible to meet it several times in a lifetime.