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Web3 is a freer, more open, safer and fairer next-generation Internet vision. I want to start with Karl Popper’s concept of an open society. The reason is that the cypherpunk movement is a group action of IT geeks Bitcoin mining timewhose purpose is to defend the cornerstone of an open society in the Internet age-personal privacy.

For example, in the DAA upgrade, someone tested three alternatives, and the ABC's program index ranked second and was actually deployed; Wu Jihan also stated that it is unnecessary to increase the BCH capacity limit from 8M to 32M in May 2018. However, these did not form continuous doubts and differences. After all, development centralization is not a problem of ABC, but a problem that Bitcoin (BTC and BCH) has existed and has not been able to solve since its inception, and the influence of ABC on BCH is incomparable to the influence of Core on BTC. ABC does not yet have the centralized power to independently control the development of BCH.

DLR is a digital version of SHO’s traditional short-selling rules for securities locate, mainly to provide its customers with a technical solution that automatically executes the traditional SHO’s locate process to meet operational and regulatory requirements. Record all transactions through the blockchain to eliminate price and allocation inefficiencies caused by naked short selling, and engage in compliant and efficient securities lending activities

The advantages of LApp include the strong consensus around Bitcoin, and there are already a large number of platforms that support Bitcoin payments. They can smoothly connect to LApp, and various platforms or companies that have not joined because of Bitcoin transaction fees and transaction time issues also Will be more willing to "link" with LApp. In addition, LApp has incomparable advantages in micropayment application scenarios, and a large number of payment LApps will emerge.

PayPal’s change of attitude to actively invest in and support cryptocurrency, happiness does not come suddenly, but some people who know PayPal in the encryption field are very excited, but those who don’t know are still at a loss, whether this company can give encryption What kind of imagination does the field bring?

On May 19th, Grayscale Investments, a digital currency fund under the Digital Currency Investment Group (DCG), announced that its total assetBitcoin mining times under management reached a new high, reaching $3.8 billion. Among them, more than 3.3 billion U.S. dollars are deposited in its flagship fund Bitcoin Trust GBTC, and the proportion of institutional holdings is increasing, 88% are from institutional investors. In contrast to this, the ratio was 73% in the first quarter of 2019 and 66% in 2018.