What happened to Bitcoin

2. The holding and mortgage of the centralized lending platform NEXO. On May 12th and 22nd, a total of 2500 bitcoins (nearly 1000 aWhat happened to Bitcoinnd 1500 respectively) were replaced with WBTC. The holder is the financing platform CoinList. According to TokenInsight analysis, the CoinList platform transferred the WBTC obtained to the Nexo wallet address on the same day, and Nexo is the true holder of the bitcoin. After that, on May 20th and 22nd, Nexo pledged these WBTCs through the Maker protocol to generate a total of 9 million Dais.

In September 2008, starting with the collapse of Lehman Brothers among the four major US investment banks, the financial crisis broke out in the United States and spread to the world. In response to the crisis, the United States has adopted quantitative easing and other measures, continuously issuing more dollars to stimulate the economy, and helping large financial institutions that have fallen into crisis due to their own faults.

In 2018, blockchain began to appear in various chaos, or it would be more appropriate to describe it as mutual harvesting. Institutions harvesting retail investors, organizations harvesting between different rounds, project parties harvesting agencies, and exchanges harvesting project parties. For a long time, the fundraising process of the project party is not transparent, and the currency listing process on the exchange is not transparent. Later, everyone looked back and realized that the exchange was the final winner. Why is the exchange at the top of the food chain? You know from the profitability. According to the estimation of the platform currency repurchase mechanism, Huobi achieved approximately US$200 million in operating income in the second quarter of 2018, while Binance achieved approximately US$150 million in net profit.

CoinZoom CEO Todd Crossland said: Although I agree with and support the government to take the most aggressive measures to stimulate the economy, the scale of the stimulus and the printed dollars, and the debt that comes with it, make me have to give up this position. The stimulus plan will be accompanied by inflation and will subsequently put pressure on the value of the dollar. In my opinion, this paints another bull market for Bitcoin and digital assets.

The Custodian contract itself is also replaceable. You can specify a new Custodian contract address through the requestCustodianChange and confirmCustodianChange methods of the CustodianUpgradeable contract, so as to adjust the mechanism of authority management for the Proxy, Impl, and Store contracts.

The compliance variable of the T0ken contract points to a compliance contract whose current address is 0x0e108767F1C207a5A045aC67D488b3447e7E0eae (not open source), and can also be replaced by setCompliance(). The Compliance contract provides two functions: freezWhat happened to Bitcoining the address and setting transfer rules. Token's transfer() and transferFrom() will execute the canTransfer() function of the Compliance contract before each call. If the rule check fails, the transfer is prohibited. Since the contract is not open source, and it is not clear how the specific rules are determined, it is likely to be used to prevent investors from transferring tokens to non-qualified investors.

But in general, despite a lot of good news and recent price increases, consumers are still tired of the price collapse of more than 70% in 2018. The SophisticatedInvestor.com platform conducted a survey on 2,000 Americans over 18 years old. The survey found that only 6% of consumers have confidence in cryptocurrency as an asset class. In fact, people's trust in cryptocurrencies is much lower compared to any other types of assets, including real estate and commodities.

The history of Monopoly can be traced back to 1903. It became known as the landlord game invented by Elizabeth Maggie, an antitrust person. The pioneering idea of ​​Monopoly was to clarify the negative effects of private monopolies holding large amounts of land. In other words, this is an enlightenment game that expounds the dangerous thoughts of centralization. It now seems that after 115 years, it is appropriate to re-adapt and introduce the Monopoly game into a decentralized currency.

Of course, although there is a certain degree of risk, Andreas Antonopoulos still affirmed the role of DeFi platform in the encryption industry. Especially after many failed attempts and tests before, DeFi may currently be the best way to make money from Bitcoin assets: