Death cross bitcoin

ECOC officially launched the bugbounty program for its lending DAPP, which can receive a maximum reward of $20000. The total award fund is US $50000, which is provided by one capital. The first capital is ECOC ecological capiDeath cross bitcointal, focusing on ECOC ecological high-quality project investment. All technical personnel participating in the bugbounty program can click to view the original text to enter the official discussion room, or provide test results to To get a reward.

According to the blockresearch data, Polkadot Boca has become the most popular pledge network. At present, the value of dot tokens pledged on Boca blockchain is nearly 3 billion US dollars. In second place was Cardano, which pledged ADA tokens worth about $1.79 billion. Tezos (xtz) and EOS ranked third and fourth respectively by pledge value, with approximately $1.4 billion in pledged tokens in their respective blockchain networks. Overall, about $12 billion has been invested in the top ten networks. Eight of them are one tier blockchain networks, and the other two are DFI projects, band protocol and synthetix.

10. The number of non farm jobs in the United States increased by 245000 in November, significantly lower than expected.

Coinbase Pro will increase the number of applications for algorand (algo), chainlink (link), looping (LRC), uniswap (UNI), etc Yearn.Finance (yfi) and zcash (Zec) new order book support. Unibtc, ybtc and LBTC will be new. The order book of new transaction pairs will be launched in stages according to advanced limit order, price limit transaction and overall transaction. When each order book enters a different stage, its official twitter will be notified separately.

According to the data from the China currency (ZB) platform, the total amount of mining lock up in defi today is about US $41.59 million. Among them, the lock up volume of QC mining, ZB mining, usdt mining and qfil mining increased significantly;

Index analysis: bitcoin remained high yesterday and rebounded again after testing 18900 in the morning. From the hour level point of view, the market in the brin belt in the middle track operation, MACD fast and slow line golden fork upward running, KDJ three line golden fork upward divergence. Daily line level market in the brin belt on the track operation, KDJ three line under the dead fork ready to diverge, MACD fast and slow line dead fork down. Since the bDeath cross bitcoinottom of 18500, the market has been in a high consolidation posture. Yesterday, the upward rush of 19400 failed to break through effectively, and the 18900 short position failed to continue this morning. Before the market break, the operation of the recommended range is mainly high altitude and low, with 1940019600 at the top and 1890018500 at the bottom. The recent market volatility is large, pay attention to risk control.

On November 25, at the makerdao official forum, community members launched a public opinion survey, demanding that the yfi-a debt ceiling be adjusted again. According to the survey, after the latest adjustment of yfi-a's debt ceiling from 7 million Dai to 20 million Dai, yfi-a's capital utilization rate is about 75% in less than 12 hours, and it seems that many people want maker to include yfi as collateral.

according to Data: at present, there are 21664 unconfirmed transactions in bitcoin, 136.97eh/s in the whole network, and 3.84txs/s in 24-hour transaction speed. The current mining difficulty is 19.16t. There are 5 days and 2 hours to adjust the difficulty. It is estimated that the next mining difficulty will be increased by 1.02% to 19.35t.

According to the currency world market, as of today's 18 points, the top three net capital inflows are XLM (+ 4.7788 million US dollars), Zec (+ 4.144 million US dollars) and HT (+ 2.8047 million US dollars); the top three net capital outflows are eth (- 114 million US dollars), BTC (- 96.9753 million US dollars) and LTC (- 35.8413 million US dollars).

On November 17, DFI fixed rate generation agreement 88 mph (MPH) announced the launch of a 14 day liquidity mining program. A total of 88000 mph will be awarded. Yesterday's news,