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Mike belshe,Private Bitcoin wallet chief executive of bitgo, a cryptocurrency asset management company, said the new outbreak has greatly promoted the adoption and interest of cryptocurrencies around the world. Before the outbreak, most people didn't pay much attention to the economic factors that made bitcoin important. With the spread of the epidemic, global fiscal policy is leading to governments frantically printing money, reducing the value of money, and leading to inflation. Investors now understand,

At present, there are many new communities emerging in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other cities where digital asset industry chain enterprises cluster. As a result of recognizing the community-based exchange mode of wave network exchange, it has been put into the ecological promotion of BOBT, and the future development is expected.

On November 22, wing, an ontology based cross chain difi platform, said on twitter that the next repurchase in November would begin on November 22 and officially end on November 28. As mentioned above, this buyback will be conducted from openmarket. Upon completion, the wing team will provide details of the amount and address.

According to the news on December 9, baseline protocol, an enterprise centric blockchain project jointly initiated by Ernst & young, Microsoft, consensys and AMD, announced the release of a new key component commitment manager, which is committed to introducing blockchain interoperability into Ethereum clients, that is, nodes can parse and verify blockchain information.

However, in the short term, it may be affected by the centralization of supervision. Please pay attention to control the risk.

Despite the gray-scale GBTC premium, daily trading volume has steadily increased to $1.5 billion, indicating a direct increase iPrivate Bitcoin walletn demand for bitcoin, as it reflects the price trend of bitcoin, according to an analysis article released by ambcrypto on December 4. In the absence of a bitcoin ETF, this is a choice for family offices and bitcoin investments with more than $50000 of discretionary traders. Interestingly, in addition to whales and institutions, retail traders with wallet balances of 0.1-10 BTCs in their wallets continue to accumulate bitcoin, even at the current price level.

Polkadot had pledged 671.4 million dot as of November 18, with a mortgage rate of 66%, and 381000 dot was added yesterday, according to wheat wallet data. The daily income per 10000 yuan is 3.7001dot.

Morgan Creek, an investment firm, and exos financial, an institutional finance platform, have filed a new bitcoin fund application with the securities and Exchange Commission. It is understood that the fund handles the technical details of bitcoin trading, transfer and custody.

UMA announced the cooperation with yamfinance team to introduce developers to mine and create ulabs, so that UMA can better focus on building stronger protocols and Oracle machines, and support and promote the defi community to build products on it. This partnership will involve ulabs transferring ownership of UGAS to the yam team. Yam will achieve the following goals by December 21 to manage UGAS and improve the user experience: 1. Establish a new user interface to create, redeem and manage UGAS positions. 2. Using artistic and useful indicators to develop and promote UGAS brand. 3. Start and manage a series of UGAS contracts, including ugas-feb21 and ugas-mar21. 4. Independently run clearing and dispute robots to ensure that UGAS collateral is risk-free.