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In terms of marBitcoin exchange websiteket conditions, today's defi token rose generally, and the top three increases of Defa currency on okex platform were DHT, swrv and CVP;

3. Among the top 100 currencies in 24-hour market value, the top three were MCO (+ 33.68%), strat (+ 18.31%), NEXO (+ 15.33%); the top three were Rep (- 7.63%), JST (- 6.04%) and iota (- 5.73%).

At 8:30 p.m. on November 18, Yu Jianing, President and authoritative digital economist of Huo coin University, was conducting an online live broadcast course with the theme of building a blockchain distributed storage ecology in Huo coin University's live studio.

At present, the work of NBS community technology team, promotion team and market value management team has been promoted orderly. App applications, seed nodes, service nodes, blockchain browsers and web wallets have been successfully deployed, forming a massive node high-performance networking matrix model, which provides a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of NBS system. In particular, NBS's inner panel mining project has an annual income of up to 51%, which has attracted nearly a quarter of NBS circulation plate to participate in mining.

As of today's 18:00, the top three net capital inflows are eth (+ 6334100), BTC (+ 5.5631 million), algo (+ 2399600); the top three are Czr (- 172700), vet (- 117200), EOS (- 96700). -More capital flow, fast on the currency world, click the market to see the flow of funds.

According to global network news, the U.S. election team confirmed that Biden won, and Biden officially won the U.S. Bitcoin exchange websitepresidential election.