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The yfiw airdrop activity will end on December 1. After that, yfiw token will be automatically issueFree Bitcoin mining websited to the submitted erc20 address, and uniswap will be launched to the centralized exchange and currency security exchange.

4. According to an article published by Tianjin channel, the client side of Xinhua news agency, the risk of bitcoin speculation has increased sharply, and returning to blockchain technology is the right way.

1. The total value of global digital money market is 567.289 billion US dollars (+ 3.50%), and the 24-hour trading volume is 104.434 billion US dollars (+ 14.17%).

By the time of publication, wozx / usdt trading pair on HBTC platform of hobbit increased by 15.98% in 24 hours, with the highest increase of 1505.52%, and the provisional offer was 1.4713usdt.

Researcher Chris BLEC pointed out that the time lock contract is controlled by OPS multisig, but it should be controlled by the Treasury multisig jointly executed by SBF, Leshner and others. He said it was right that such control should not fall into the hands of people outside the public. Therefore, we have taken immediate measures to adjust and are preparing to transfer the control of time lock from opsmultisig to master multi signer. Before executing the change, the time lock itself (48 hours) needs to be set, so the official will queue the transaction immediately.

LTC price trend is relatively stable, but there are many potential shocks. In terms of daily K-line, LTC has reached the $84.8 corresponding to 50% Fibonacci during the recent large-scale operation, which means that the price is already in the process of challenging Fibonacci's 61.8% corresponding $99 pressure level. Therefore, the prFree Bitcoin mining websiteice is at a high level and ready to go.

Mike Novogratz, founder of Galaxy digital, said it was positive from a global perspective on the $4.2 billion encryption assets seized in the plustoken pyramid scheme. Another evidence suggests that blockchains are actually more law enforcement than people think.

On November 15, 2020, the 2020 blockchain industry ecological forum and the third anniversary of 58coin, sponsored by 58coin and co sponsored by Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute, coin world, Golden Finance and economics, and Xiaobai, was held in Chengdu,

At today's Forum on guiding and enabling real industry economy and the summit of core leaders of BtoC business enterprise alliance, Henry baileqi, chairman of GTA foundation, highly recognized the development of the community market in Guixing. He said that the development of Guixing Chinese community is inseparable from the efforts of each participant, and a good development environment and consensus will certainly broaden the prospects of the bank. The reason for GTA Foundation's incubation and guidance is to solve the dilemma of global real industry development with the help of digital technology. This goal requires the continuous joint efforts of all participants. Daoxing is also willing to join hands with more high-quality enterprises in the world to build an ecosystem of decentralized sharing network for digital and commodity trading, and lead the innovation and Reform in the era of blockchain 3.0.