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The cryptoquant team calculated that the current rate of Ethereum to deposit under the current eth2.0 deposit contract is 301.13eth per hour, while it will take about 58 days to start the minimum required 524288 eth in the creation block of EthBitcoin mining testereum 2.0. If the deposit rate of Ethereum remains unchanged, the main network of eth2.0 will be launched on January 15, 2021. The cryptoquant team also estimates that the minimum number of validators to deploy eth2.0 will be reached by that date.

A recent new report by Bank of Korea discusses the impact of the central bank's possible issuance of digital currency (CBDC) on tax avoidance. It is pointed out that the full disclosure of the digital token holding incentive mechanism to maximize the use of the digital token incentive mechanism to maximize the use of the bank.

Scdo public chain cmodiana will be invited to attend the gray investors' conference held by grayscale on December 4, Beijing time.

BTC trades above the 20 day moving average of the brining band as long positions were bought in large quantities from a low of $18030, according to the China currency (ZB) Market Research Report. High volume has led to increased volatility in bitcoin, pushing its price to a 2020 high. But so far, BTC has not exceeded 20000. After hitting the upper rail of brin zone, BTC will return to the support level of 18874 US dollars, but it will still be under pressure at US $19409. If the buying is strong, it will break through the pressure level. In addition, the report also makes a weekly technical analysis of LTC and EOS. For more details, please refer to the official Research Report of China currency (ZB).

As a hedging tool, futures have its advantages. These advantages include the characteristics of leverage, the continuous change of underlying prices, the large number of transactions that can support, and so on. But futures also has its limitations, including single function and high unilateral risk.

BTC fell 1.14% in five minutes to $200.4, of which Please pay clBitcoin mining testose attention to the market trend and control the risk.